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Diwrnod Shwmae Su’mae

Shwmae Sumae Day is a day marked each year in Wales to celebrate and promote the Welsh language. Shwmae and Sumae are informal greetings used in the south and the north to start a conversation. The day is celebrated on 15 October each year in order to promote community use of the language and encourage non-Welsh speakers to consider learning the language.

Shwmae Day was on a Sunday this year, so we are having our own Shwmae Day this Friday, 20th October. We’d like the children to wear something red, green or white and , of course, we’ll be using lots of Welsh on the day.

The first Shwmae Day was held in 2013, and has been held every year since.
The aim of Shwmae Day is to encourage non-Welsh speakers to start every conversation in Welsh, using Shwmae, Sumae. It is also seen as a way of increasing awareness about the language among non-Welsh speakers, encouraging new people to start learning the language.

The Welsh language belongs to all Welsh people and everyone can contribute to its future vitality.

Rho gynnig arni – Give it a go! (We may even give you one of our Welsh stickers!)